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Why Wealth Through Health?

Wealth is Health. Wealth is perspective…. to a child in an undeveloped country, fresh water is health. To a community without proper medical care, medical equipment is wealth.Wealth is being able to provide for your family, having access to healthcare, education, and opportunity. Through Health, you can achieve joy, freedom, and prosperity. Wealth is having all that you need, which appears in many forms, varying around the world.  Wealth = Choices.

What It Means to Me

I am unapologetic about my passion for all that is good, just, and fair in life. Health is one of those areas and I will not stop until all women have equal access to healthcare, which allows them to have wealthier lives. With my background in the med-tech industry, wealth through health means getting medical devices and life science products to market faster. As a business advisor, it means getting equipment and life altering technology into the hands of the people who need it through access to capital, optimization of manufacturing and distribution processes, and strategic planning.

As a speaker and as an independent consultant, it means helping people see how they can lead healthier and wealthier lives. And as the founder of HERHealthEQ, it means providing medical equipment promoting health and education equality for women around the world. This has been my life’s passion, and now I’m on a mission to create the access and availability needed for people everywhere to experience wealth through health.


Wealth = Choices.

As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. While it may not be a given in our world that a little girl with a love of science and desire for space exploration would be met with support, I was wealthy in the truest sense of the word, as I had choices. My family encouraged me as I studied science and math, went to Space Camp programs, and attended university for Engineering. My world was one where I had choices, and the freedom to follow my dreams.

In order to explore humanity in a different way, I made the choice to move into the medical device world. Through my experience working with companies promoting women’s health and developing technology to detect breast, cervical, and uterine cancer, I realized that this was a path for me to help people improve their health by giving them access to the equipment that they needed.

Living abroad in developing countries added a whole new layer to my understanding of choice and wealth through health. I was exposed to people who had fewer material possessions but were often much happier with their lives. I came to realize that wealth couldn’t be reduced to money alone, but encompasses all aspects of life, with the concept of wealth can looking very different from culture to culture.

I also came face to face with extreme inequity. Living and working in Costa Rica, I saw people forced to weigh possibly life-saving care for themselves or an ailing loved one against feeding other members of the family. It was at that point I knew I was meant to use my choices to make a difference.

From the seed planted in Costa Rica, grew a global non-profit organization. I founded HERHealthEQ to raise awareness and work for equal access to healthcare worldwide for women and girls.

Wealth = Choices. Let’s connect about creating more choices that will enable you to experience wealth through health. If there’s one thing I know for sure from studying space exploration, it’s that the possibilities are endless.


Fayer Consulting offers a range of consulting services, related to the Growth of your Life Science organization, all designed to help your company reach its potential. We help you by reducing costs and increasing profits.  Specializing in Manufacturing Relocation, Offshoring and/or Outsourcing, Project Management, M&A Due Diligence, Company/divisional Strategy, and Optimization of your Operations.  We also partner with you to create additional business development and strategic growth opportunities available in our vast network, through the connection to capital. 

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HERHealthEQ’s mission is to provide medical devices and equipment to small regions in developing nations through programs that instill access to education and healthcare as a means to enforce social and gender equality. HERHealthEQ’s vision is a world where women and girls in developing nations have access to healthcare equally to men and boys.

Go to herhealtheq.org


Arbonne International is a botanically based skincare and nutritional company who adheres to European standards in quality.  The product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results.  Arbonne products are non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, Toxin-free, Green, sustainably sourced, never tested or use animal products.  Arbonne also offers a business opportunity, through sales incentives and rewards, travel opportunities, a competitive SuccessPlan and great products, that can help make anyone’s vision for the future a reality.

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“…to successfully launch a non-profit, there needs to be focus. Due to my background, what I have worked on throughout my career, and the countries I’ve been to, our focus (for now) is to ensure that women and girls have access to healthcare.”

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“New innovation and technology are readily being adapted in the US with doctors and patients continuously looking for best in class products.  But due to reimbursement pricing pressures, they are also looking for the most cost effective solution, many of which have been manufactured in or near-shored to the US.”

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“The prevailing theme behind managing successful partner relationships, throughout this article and in general, is trust. Trust that you chose the right partner to grow your business, and then trust them to do their job. If the CM is successful, the OEM is successful, and vice versa.”

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