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The Bounty of Choices, but Ugh to Health Insurance

“I have to keep thinking that if I didn’t live where I do, how I live, and have the ability to make these choices, what would my life look like and how would my be health be affected?”  As I spend countless hours figuring out which healthcare insurance provider to switch to, I have to [...]

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How can we improve innovation in developing countries?

Innovation is important to help the world grow and develop. In order to keep ideas and technology fresh and current, innovation must constantly be improved. The speed of innovation in the developed world seems to be at a breakneck speed, in every industry. But it seems as if innovation slows dramatically or stalls all together in developing countries, [...]

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What I learned NOT attending the JPM Healthcare Conference

For the first time in 5 years, I did not attend the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. This annual mecca held the first week of January is one of the largest gatherings of healthcare professionals, investors, and start-up companies. My reasons for not attending were a mix of personal and professional, but mainly I [...]

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Building a Community for Women’s Health Equity

As a leader in the Health Equity for Women movement, I am passionate about building a community around this, and me. The community that has supported HERHealthEQ has increased by 2000% in the last year. The amount of people generally talking about either women's equity or health equity has gotten louder, stronger, and more organized. As I become [...]

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