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Marissa Fayer

Health Equity for Women is more than just a concept. It’s fair, just, and a human right. Create an innovative and socially responsible future. Innovation, Investing, Capital, and Giving Back are a few ways to achieve that.

Wealth Through Health – Access to a Better Life™

Health Equity for Women – Investors and Equipment together to help people around the World

Wealth through Health – Access to a Better Life™

Wealth is so much more than money, and varies from person to person. Wealth = Choices. Without your Health, money and wealth don’t matter. Working at an innovative MedTech company is the first step, but how can you elevate your game and impact on this world.

Your audience will learn:

  • The difference between wealth from money
  • The difference between equity from equality
  • To take a stand for what they believe and how the world can be changed for the better
  • Research and information based on other peoples stories
  • How to make an impact while working within the confines of a company


How to Fund your Innovation – Alternative Sources of Capital

Innovation needs money. But how can you fund your innovation, passion project, or new invention? Traditional routes of funding are difficult and bureaucratic, so how can you access the capital you need to move forward?

Your audience will learn:

  • What are the alternate sources of capital available
  • How to access that sources of capital
  • What are the best sources of capital for different types of projects
  • Global impact of Medtech and innovation
  • Medical advancements of the future and how you can be involved

Note: this discussion is always customized to your industry


How Health Equity has the Ability to Change the World

Doing good in combination with capital can help people take action. It can change the world and provide investors significant returns, all while positively making an impact. Health Equity is the new trend that investors are taking notice of. High Impact = High Growth

Your audience will learn:

  • The difference between Equity and Equality
  • What is Impact Investing and why it’s becoming so popular?
  • How Impact Investing has the power to positively impact the world
  • Research and information from around the world
  • Several truths about Health Equity (and dispelling a few myths)




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