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Sustainable Philanthropy keynote by Leading Entrepreneurs of the World

Sustainable Philanthropy keynote, listen here. Welcoming Marissa Fayer, founder & CEO of HERhealthEQ, at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Series on the topic: Sustainable Philanthropy. Marissa Fayer is the founder & CEO of HERhealthEQ. 20-year Life Science and Business executive building companies into world-class organizations. Champion of women’s health equity around the world. [...]

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FemTech Focus Podcast

FemTech Focus podcast guest with Brittany Barreto.  Link here. 🎙Today we interviewed Marissa Fayer, CEO & Founder of HERhealthEQ. We discussed how HERHealthEQ came about, barriers to donating medical equipment, and barriers to care in developing countries. 👁Watch the full episode: FemTech Focus Podcast Episode with Marissa Fayer - - - - - The FemTech Focus [...]

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HER.Talks by HERhealthEQ Volume1

HER.Talks kicked off with an incredible launch discussion, including myself.  Listen here. The YouTube channel for all HER.Talks event is here. The inaugural HER.Talks discussing about women's health with Ilze Melngailis, Faith Legendre, Jennifer Kim Field, and our CEO Marissa Fayer!!  The discussion centered around why women's health, health equity, and partnerships is central for [...]

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Women in BioTech Lithuania Keynote

I was honored to deliver the keynote to the Women in BioTech Lithuania event, 2020.  Listen here. I delivered the keynote the WOMEN IN BIOTECH: MAKE A CHANGE event in Lithuania (virtually) on Tuesday October 6th. I discussed the challenges and opportunities that female leaders face in business in life sciences, how and why I [...]

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