Fighting COVID-19 with technology

//Fighting COVID-19 with technology

Fighting COVID-19 with technology

Fighting COVID-19 is the battle of the year and beyond.  I am a proud warrior in this battle and glad my work and experience can help propel companies forward so that we all can get back to life.

I am so proud to be working on this program with the NIH RADx program (I can finally share the news). 3 of the companies that I am currently working with have been announced proceeding to the next round, which is commercialization, and hopefully many more in the future.  These technologies are working to create diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

I am proud to be working with the companies themselves to fast track their solutions and increase testing. The speed in which these companies have shifted their priorities and focus is incredible. As a short reminder, it normally takes at minimum 2-3 years to accomplish what these companies have accomplished in 2-3 months.

Increasing diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is a huge priority and it will help us get back to our new normal including work, school, and entertainment. Testing and mask wearing is how we can turn the corner on this horrible disease that is plaguing our lives.


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