Global Health Pursuit Podcast feature

//Global Health Pursuit Podcast feature

Global Health Pursuit Podcast feature

“It’s great to get a piece of equipment to someone who needs it, but if it breaks in three weeks, then what’s the point?”

Honored to be featured on the Global Heath Pursuits podcast.  Listen Here.

During this episode, we speak with Marissa Fayer – CEO and Founder of a women’s health non-profit called HERHealthEQ. HERHealthEQ is an organization with a vision to reduce female mortality in nations all around the world by providing access to medical device equipment and creating an equitable standard of care. At HERHealthEQ, Marissa and her team believe that the woman is the cornerstone of the family unit. So in order to maintain and sustain healthy families within communities around the world, it starts with her.

During this episode, I speak with Marissa about what sparked her passion in global health and why she left her high power corporate medical device role to serve greater populations in need. We speak about why it is so important to be hands on and track the equipment you donate as well as the impact that it’s made for the patients within that community. We also talk about the types of health conditions that HERHealthEQ focuses on within these countries, and even how programs get formed all around the world just by word of mouth.

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