Why Innovation needs to continue…. Especially now.

//Why Innovation needs to continue…. Especially now.

Why Innovation needs to continue…. Especially now.

These are scary times and I’m personally scared. I’m not a doctor and will not be providing any health advise here, there are much better sources like the WHO and the CDC.

What many of us in the healthcare industry need to focus on is the continuation of our work. Yes, we have to be careful and many of us are working from home, but the work needs to continue. We need to innovate new products, develop new ways of testing and treating, and create faster, cheaper, and smarter ways of dealing with this crisis and ones to come.

Innovation doesn’t need to be in the form of a brand-new test, but it can be. How can we re-purpose what we already know in better ways of operating? How can we realign systems to rapidly adapt to healthcare crisis’s? How can we mobilize a global community without global politics or alienation? How can we react faster to contain and eliminate the threats?

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  • Innovation in healthcare can move us past this crisis and prepare us better for the next one.
  • Innovation in healthcare has already made it better than previous pandemics.
  • Innovation in healthcare can better equip our healthcare centers and healthcare professionals now and in the future.

Innovation in healthcare must continue so that we all can live healthier and more productive lives all around the world. It can allow us to get back to our regular everyday life which so many of us are deviating from right now.

Rapid automation for diagnostic testing delivering results within minutes is needed. It is around the corner, I’ve seen in personally, but it’s not ready yet. Remote diagnostics can diagnose and eventually treat while not infecting other people.

What else could help us prepare for the next corona-virus?? We know there will be more pandemics like this in the future, and we need to prepare ourselves, our communities, and the rest of the world for it. The globalization of our world is here, so how can we best prepare it?

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