Building a Community for Women’s Health Equity

//Building a Community for Women’s Health Equity

Building a Community for Women’s Health Equity

As a leader in the Health Equity for Women movement, I am passionate about building a community around this, and me. The community that has supported HERHealthEQ has increased by 2000% in the last year. The amount of people generally talking about either women’s equity or health equity has gotten louder, stronger, and more organized. As I become more clear and resolute on my voice around the subject, the attention and support of it increases.

By storytelling, creating the picture of impact, and keeping people engaged it creates community. By doing the work and showing success, people pay attention. By speaking about my passion on the topic, people listen. By educating, the community builds and joins along.

By virtually bringing people along with me on the journeys, the work, the joy, and the heartbreak, I have been able to create a community for both HERHealthEQ and for myself. Sharing the good and the bad is crucial, as everything isn’t unicorns and rainbows all the time. Most especially when working for women’s health equity, as it’s crucial to see that it is far from what it should be, but hopeful and able to change. Through the sharing, a community is built.

Building a community around anything is a challenge, as there are thousands of issues and causes to stand alongside.  All worthy of support. Aligning yourself with what feels best for your soul and core is ultimately what you should support. Create the community around you for the ideas, thoughts, and causes that mean something to you. That is what I have done and have been grateful and able to join this thoughtful, sharing, interesting, and passionate community around the community that means the most to me.

A community is built over time and trust. By modeling the thoughts and ideals, a community is built. That is what I have been working to create throughout the last year and will continue to do into the future. Surrounding oneself with people who believe, support, and challenge you is the way you become a better person and leader. Throughout 2019, strengthening the Women’s Health Equity community is my goal and mission. Would love to have you join our community. Reach out at any time

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