Global Health Innovation Senior Executive program

//Global Health Innovation Senior Executive program

Global Health Innovation Senior Executive program

Several weeks ago, I participated in the inaugural session of the Senior Executive Program in Global Health Innovation Management (SEP-GHIM). It was eye opening to see the impact so many other executives are having around the world focused on global health and an honor to be included. I loved learning from these incredible people, being exposed to other opinions and viewpoints, and having intellectual discussions that ultimately will benefit the health of people around the world. The next round of change-makers were in the room and I was included (squeal!!).

I was chosen as one of two Americans for this program…. Quite the honor. To be recognized as a leader in global health, something I have only recently entered was humbling. To be recognized as someone who is leading a change in the industry, for both non-profit and for-profit, was inspiring. And to be able to learn how to do it better with more impact and sustainability is the most exciting.

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This first session was held in Heidelberg Germany, at the University of Heidelberg, the premier Global Health university in Europe, if not the world. To be sitting in the great hall where many years ago Dimitri Mendeleev, Max Weber, and Johann Georg Faust studied and 56 past alumni received Nobel Laureates, was a privilege. The professors and lecturers are global citizens and are often hands-on-the-ground working on and solving many of the leading global health issues such as Ebola, infant mortality, and other poverty related diseases.

To learn about global health and its impact to the world over time, not only with relation to health but also to industry and economics, is a great start. We also started to learn about effective leadership and impacting change at a level that inspires others. Understanding the past impact and challenges can now shape and propel the future and what we do within it.

In further sessions, we will learn more about integrating social enterprises into our businesses and ideas, so that profits and helping others can go hand-in-hand and aren’t mutually exclusive. Our next session takes us to Costa Rica, to the premier business school in the region, INCAE, in a few short weeks. After that we head to Nairobi and then Barcelona throughout the next several months.

This is certainly not a vacation (as many think it is… well maybe a few days after each program), but I come away inspired from each session, discussion, and topic. Follow along for the next few months to see what changes I and my businesses will be making, and I can ensure you they are exciting, significant, and grounded in impact.

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