TEDx Speaker Experience – with overview video and pictures

//TEDx Speaker Experience – with overview video and pictures

TEDx Speaker Experience – with overview video and pictures

Helping women have access to quality healthcare is my passion and my life’s mission. I also recognize that the current method which most people give to charity is through an outdated and not-as-impactful-as-it-could-be model of philanthropy. And it all started from a conversation in a bar!

On September 28th 2019, I had the supreme honor to deliver a TEDx Talk in Lugano Switzerland. My Talk, “How to Ensure Social Enterprises have an Impact” discussed this gap in women’s healthcare that exists between the developed and the developing world, the fact that there is a significant amount of medical device waste that can be re-purposed to save millions of lives, and with the correct method of program implementation all of our efforts can have an impactful and long-lasting change for people all throughout the world.

I spoke about how I discovered the issue, how I realized the solution, and how I’ve advanced my thoughts around traditional philanthropy not being the best model to create sustainable change in global healthcare.

The official video will be released soon, but here are some rough thoughts I recorded 2 hours after I delivered my talk.


I am so grateful that my message resonated with so many people, that I delivered it well (and didn’t trip or faint), and that I could indirectly explain what the organization I founded, HERHealthEQ, is working towards and how we are working to make our efforts sustainable for the long term success of healthcare systems around the world.

The process of delivering a TEDx Talk is very difficult…. I applied to over 100 TEDx events throughout the world over the past 2 years, the script writing must follow a very specific format with only 1 idea and no direct promotion (plus it changes with every locations theme), it must be 100% memorized with no teleprompters, and the message needs to inspire other people to think or take action. It’s such a rigorous process for anyone…. But if you are passionate about the message and making sure others hear it, the process and work make it more mission driven and part of creating real and impactful change in the world.

And yes, I did get something to eat finally!

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